How I turned a scrap van into a home #vanlife

For those who have been following me on instagram for a while, you know I arrived in Seattle not so long ago, by train from Vancouver. My first and biggest dream for the US was buying a campervan. Or to buy just any van really and turn it into my campervan. That’s what I did. Although I’m currently already in Mexico (where the van took me) – I would like to share with you how exactly I turned the van into a home.

Step 1. Buy a van.

Step 2. Clean van. Getting rid of the super smelly ugly carpet was the hardes part (and the smell to go with it).

Step 3. Isolation + carpet

Step 4. Bed. Fairly simple – just some woorden pallets and a mattress. I even put a fancy globe in to feel like Sherlock Holmes.

Step 5. Home.


(Sorry for the mess)


Step 6. Whoops. Van breaks down – fix van.



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