Hostel review: Newport Lost Buoy Hostel (Oregon)

Driving from Portland to Newport – heading towards the beach!

I stayed in the Newport Lost Buoy Hostel, owned by Benito, his lovely wife, dog, chickens and duck 😀 I met Benito in Vancouver and he invited me to his hostel. Something I will NOT regret ever. The nicest eco hostel, located near the Yaquina Bay in central Newport.

If you’re into animals – this is the place for you. Ever stayed in a hostel that actually has a duck? And allowing you to eat the eggs as well? This is great for every nature lover. They have a henhouse in the ‘secret garden’ as the sign tells you and a dog named Rosie.

Green warrior
Being the green warrior most travelers are, you will love this place for the way Benito reuses old materials and turns them into another cozy corner in his hostel.

Benito provided me with access to his garage, so I could work on my van project (blog to come) – he let me use all his tools which helped me out enormously. I was able to have a few days to work on my van project and managed to actually build a bed within those days. So thanks again for letting me use all your equipment!

That brings me to another plus to this hostel – you can really tell the staff is well-traveled – they have literally thought about EVERYTHING that makes your life more comfortable being a full-time traveler on-the-road kind of hippie.

1. Tooth picks (and not the cheap kind, the actual ‘oh man I’m happy they thought about this, I haven’t used tooth picks for weeks’ – type of tooth pick)
2. Ear plugs (for your co-traveller that is having a bit too much fun or who has had a bit too much to drink or has just got a terrible snoring sound emerging from him whenever you try to sleep…)
3. Small shampoo bottles other travellers left and are now for you to use. It sounds small, but it’s heaven when you arriver after a long road trip without any proper showers.

Newport Lost Buoy Hostel has got a nice and cozy atmosphere. There is a fire place, a map on which you can pin the country/city you’re from and a good-looking proper nomadic kitchen.

Price + details
The bedrooms is big, it  will cost you 30 dollars per night and the beds are super comfortable (being tall, that means a lot).

Soi f you want to relax in Newport for a few days, make sure you pay Lost Buoy a visit 🙂 You can follow them on Facebook too!

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