Transport tip: Vancouver-Seattle by train; easy peasy

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For me, taking the train from Vancouver to Seattle was a great way to make it over to the US for the next step in my big adventure (stay tuned – there will be a VAN involved). It was fairly cheap, very comfortable and easy to arrange. Amtrak Cascades will take you all the way south for a decent price of 42$ per person (excl food).

  • I got on at Vancouver Pacific Central station (which is here).
  • It will take you about 4.5 hours for the full journey and there’s two trains per day. Check Amtrak’sΒ website for the latest timetable.
  • Also good to know is that there is a variety of fairly low-priced hostels in the neighbourhood of Vancouver Pacific Central Station, in case you want to get up for the early ride.

Passport control
Passport control is very straightforward. Like when you are taking the bus from London to Amsterdam (yes there is such a thing and yes I did that once and yes it’s horrible but only 10 euros though so who’s the real winner here), passport control happens before boarding – so in this case at Vancouver Pacific Central station. Make sure you calculate a bit of extra time before boarding, there might be long lines for passport control.

Once on board you will have enough choice to indulge in what I see as truly American food. Hotdogs (all beef), cinnamon rolls and burgers…

My choice was the hotdog…


Have a look yourself, I present you.. La menu πŸ˜‰

The service was excellent. I travelled with met German travel buddy over the past few weeks in Vancouver and unfortunately he broke his leg (he is okay now!). Amtrak Cascades truly has a way of welcoming you on board – picture = proof! πŸ™‚


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