Why you must go and experience Canadian wildlife in 2017

This blog was written by the man bun 

Wells Gray Provincial Park

This is a beautiful park, true wildlife experience. Watched “Into the wild”? Well, that kind of idea. Only closer to the human world than Alaska and therefore a bit less risk involved to have to live off berries that won’t actually save your life…
This wilderness park is located in east-central British Columbia, here to be more precise. When I left Amsterdam for Vancouver, I mostly longed to see two things: wildlife and nature. Oh and I wanted to find peace of mind, quietness, etc 😉 Well, no better experience than this park – absolutely marvellous.
The experience I most enjoyed was the feeling of quietness. Nobody around. No traffic. No sounds. Even the waterfalls were frozen (as shown below!).
Tip is to buy some proper outdoor gear before you hike your way up to the top of the mountains – I brought some elastic snow spikes to bind around my shoes which helped enormously. Also make sure you’ve got your cellphone, matches, pocket knife and – in my case – thermal underwear. Yep, not ashamed of it.

Frozen waterfalls 

This was truly magnificent. Imagine a huge – huge – huge waterfall. Add snow, add intense bright daylight and add temperatures below freezing. What do you get? Frozen waterfalls. Absolutely enchanting, see below! I went in December, no guarantee of course to find this throughout the year 🙂


Ice fishing

Yaaay! First-time-in-my-life-experience, but definitely worth it and very cool – literally.
You know how there’s this talk around social media about men not being men anymore and we losing our testosteron because we are obliged to drink tea too much with our moms, girlfriends, girlfriend’s girlfriends…
Well, here you go – the recipe is to stay in an airbnb cottage near Wells Gray Provincial Park. I did some wood chopping and highlight was ice fishing. Mostly because of the name of it though, because it’s one of these I-always-wanted-to-try-this things. But you know in an effort to pump up my testosteron I had to of course. We were accompanied by a Chinese man who spoke neither Dutch (why should he, why should anyone?) nor English so there was some pointing and smiling going on untill we actually caught a fish. Bit mild compared to the excitement I was expecting, but fun nonetheless.

Beautiful nature

They call it the Area 51 of Britsh Columbia, Clearwater Valley Road. Because I travelled here the days leading up to Christmas, we were – of course – stuck in  a snowstorm. If you are a Canadian and reading this you probably think I’m either foolish and naive or weird in actively looking for the wildlife experience (seeing it might kill me and such). But you know – all we get storm-wise in Amsterdam is a lot of rain. A lot of rain. Like, a lot. But never snowstorms!
So yes, I hurt my shoulders pushing our jeep through layers and layers of snow and yes I was freezing to the bones (though the thermal underwear helped – yay! #backpacktips) but I was enjoying it. Feeling free!
So long story short – when in Vancouver and when able to either get a Greyhound bus or snow-proof car to travel North, go for it! You’ll find yourself in a Winter Wonderland enchanted by snow, mountains, wildlife and nature.
Last tip: If your car gets stuck in the snow, put some branches under the wheel to get some grip and slowly hit the gas in 2nd gear #survivaltip!
Cheers, Mo

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