Hostel review: Abraham Hostel, Jerusalem

I visited Jerusalem last week and stayed in the Abraham Hostel (located 67 Hanevi’im St. Davidka Square). It was a good choice and allowed me to explore this fascinating city from a central starting point.

5 reasons I liked Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Always start with the food, my father taught me. So first reason: the breakfast. The breakfast is free, healthy, lively and typical for the Middle-East. Eggs, cucumber-tomato-salad, an overload of fresh mint tea and the option to toast your own bread. Oh and the always present somewhat undefined white cheese stuff.

This is what the coffee table looks like.





Yes, hammocks. What a nice idea! Relaxing with a book or your phone became much more fun with these things hanging around. Also helps if you get tired of all the hostel cliché people and want to hide from everyone. In that case -> bring sunglasses. 😎

Mahane Yehuda Market


Just look at the pomegranates – look at them!


The hostel is only a 5-minute-walk away from Jerusalem’s most famous market. Used to be outdoors, now partially covered. Just walk around, order a fresh mitz rimonim (pomegranate juice) en absorb the buzz.

The staff

International, friendly staff. Eager to help out, in for a laugh and providing a layback attitude. Especially after all the strict safety checks in the airport and getting lost by car in Tel Aviv, this was a relief to arrive to!

The hostel buzzes with International backpacking vibes. The staff is very welcoming and there’s even a little book case downstairs for you to read. Everything is perfectly organized but also has a fun and quirky element to it, for example the locker key is attached to a little soft toy dog which you then have to return.  Makes me feel at home! Like I’m surrounded by likeminded people who also try to see the oddities in daily life.





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