Beer cafe tips when visiting Ghent

The beer cafes

You know how you can sometimes long for that medieval Harry Potteresque kind of vibe? That is exactly what you will find when visiting a beer cafe in Ghent. The dusty attic filled with old candles and antique brown arm chairs, a fire place in the corner. Honestly you’d expect either Frodo or Hagrid to walk in any moment
One that I really want to share with you is the bar I enjoyed, Cafe t gouden Mandeke. This old bar is situated in the old town at the Pensmarkt, close to the Korenmarkt en next to the Leie river. Especially recommended to sit in one of the window seats on the second floor. Enjoy the candles, beers and rustique vibes!
Another odd place is Cafe ‘t Galgenhuis, situated at the Groentenmarkt a bit more up north the old Centre. Considering it’s ‘almost the smallest cafe in Ghent’, it leaves a lasting impression already only by the sight of it. Galgenhuisje  translates to ‘little house of the gallows’, which leaves little to the imagination of what this place used to be.. But don’t fear, nowadays it’s really just for a cosy drink, as far as I’m aware…

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