5 tips for visiting Ghent


Wander wander wander around. Ghent is one of those beautiful medieval towns that allow you to stroll for hours without getting bored. It does get quite chilly in winter times though, so don’t forget to bring your winter coat, scarf, gloves and stylish hat. In case you don’t have a stylish hat or scarf, keep on reading.

Vintage shopping

Ghent carries a wide variety of antique, retro and vintage shops. The city has mastered combining a unique hipster/student vibe with a nostalgic sense of antique.
My personal favorite when it comes to retro clothes is Think Twice, where you’ll find amongst other: 70s male ski jackets, 80s denim jackets and 90s colored blouses. I got a nice retro denim skirt, denim jacket and well am basically covered in denim ever since. Also nice Icelandic sweaters (big, wool, Christmassy).

Ghent Festival (summer and winter)

It might be a reason for you to go or maybe to not visit Ghent during that time, but be aware that every year on July 21 the Ghentse Feesten (Ghent Festival) starts and lasts 10 days, attracting visitors from all around. It’s a music and theatre festival and I’ve personally never been yet, but it’s on the list 🙂 Also, there’s a winter equivalent called Winter feesten, which starts beginning of December and lasts a couple of weeks. Ghent is then filled with Christmas fairs, carousels and such.

Castle Gravensteen

A castle dating back to 1180.. I found it very impressive and of course, castles are always cool – right? It also shows you a section of medieval torture techniques which you might want to leave till after you’ve had your lunch…

Craft beer

Can’t talk about Ghent and not talk about beer. The city has a wide variety of breweries, craft beer spots and tours around the world of beer so  I decided to write a separate blog about that: beer cafe tips when visiting Ghent. Enjoy!

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