Hosteltip #2: Ghent Hostel Uppelink

I visited Ghent with my brother last weekend. We stayed in Hostel Uppelink, right in the heart of this enchanting medieval city and overlooking the river Leie.

Let me tell you why this hostel was a good choice for me – and it might be for you as well 🙂

Good breakfast means a good day

Well not always, of course. But it certainly helps! When visiting Ghent keep in mind that a fair amount of walking is involved. What better to start you day than having a good old continental breakfast in a retro setting. The mugs, the table cloth – it fits. Unlucky for me no scrambled eggs, but hey  – it was for free and the coffee was good. Also there was a little cactus sort of plant (as you can see I am really showing my appreciation by cuttting it off the Instagram snappy photo…). And you have a view over the medieval river Leie and its surrounding beautiful architecture.


The view

Sitting in the common room, you’ll overlook the river Leie. Also on the picture below you can already spot some of the architecture. While you are planning your day over a good coffee, you can enjoy a glimpse of what you will be walking through during the rest of your stay in Ghent.


Hospitality first

What I noticed was the staff really wanting you to have a nice time. A welcoming kitchen as shown below helps – but the human touch makes your stay worthwhile. It was pouring rain, we were hungry, it had been a long drive – the lady at the counter looked at us and said “it’s okay, just pay half of the deposit with whatever you have in cash – I won’t let you walk out there in this weather.”

Also, the showers are warm, clean and free. The beds are comfy and the sheets are fresh. The curtains block out any daylight making you sleep like a baby and the rooms are very practically designed with little tables topping the sockets allowing you to easily charge your phones. The wifi is strong and you can choose a dorm or private room.

The hostel has got a fair price range and really gives you a warm welcoming feeling in the city center. A good home base for exploring Ghent.


P.S.: Want more hosteltips? Maybe you will like this review I wrote last week on a cottage in Iceland (with horses).

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