Iceland tip: Hestheimar cottage

A guesthouse, in Iceland. Add: horses. Add: northern light. Sounds like a recipe for perfection if you ask me.

My brother and sister in law recently visited the enchanting outdoors of Iceland and left me daydreaming over the mesmerizing stories they shared. I’ll be sharing more beautiful peeks into the magical Iceland outdoors in the coming days, but to kick off I want to highlight this ultimate dream cottage to you: Hestheimar.


This is where you’ll be staying. A cottage in Hestheimar, located here, about 1 hour drive South East of Reykjavik (Iceland’s capital).


This would be your view – oh and did I mention you can ride them as well? Through the Iceland countryside? With your Christmas sweater? Yes, yes you can.


When staying in Hestheimar, there is a fair chance you will see the Northern lights. Amazing experience, especially when witness so close and all around you. I think I’d even pick up my mattress and sleep on my porch for the night – well not sleep probably!


The rates are about 125 euros per night, for which you will get a cottage suitable for two persons.


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