Craft beer tip #1: Jopen Damiate DRIPA

This blog post was written by Moh – the man bun.

My craft beer tip for this week is the Jopen Damiate DRIPA, a 9 percent double rye IPA to slowly start feeling the fall which is setting in here in Amsterdam.

3 reasons I chose Jopen Damiate DRIPA

  1. Jopen beer is a Dutch Haarlem-based brewery
    Haarlem is basically small and relaxed version of Amsterdam (if you thought Amsterdam was already small and relaxed…) Whenever you find yourself in Amsterdam, spend a day wandering abouts this little town. Even allows you to directly dive into the North Sea or relax on the beach.
  2. You’re basically drinking old war stories
    The name Damiate stems from old tales on the Haarlem people’s contribution to the crusades to Jerusalem, taking over the city of Damiate. As a sign of gratitude, the Dutch city of Haarlem received a sword and cross on its shield.
  3. A mouth full of fruit and a taste of bitterness
    Jopen Damiate DRIPA has a unique blend offering you a fresh fruity like taste with a bittersweet overtone, resulting in a well balanced ipa with a malt body and an IBU of 80. Cheers!

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