5 reasons to visit O’Leary’s Irish Pub in Utrecht

Okay – you might know by now I am from Utrecht, live in Utrecht and consider this little hipster town one of the nicest places to sit down with a cat and a coffee.


SO – would you find yourself in Utrecht and looking for a good place to relax a bit, grab a pint or play a game – I would certainly recommend O’Leary’s Irish Pub. For the following reasons.

Reason 1: It looks like this


Reason 2: It is located opposite this mill


Reason 3: They serve Guiness AND Kilkenny


Reason 4: You can watch ALL the football games

O’Leary’s has a comfortable, relaxed vibe which allows you to watch your favourite sports in peace. Have a quick look at this page to see what the inside of the pub looks like.

Reason 5: They even have board games!

One of my favourite pastimes is playing board games with friends in a pub. O’Leary’s has got a nice selection of games.

You can find more info on their website or follow them via Facebook.

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