Chalk up your hostel kitchen area

It’s almost already ‘so 2015’, but I am still a big fan of chalk. Especially if used in the kitchen/communal area. I came across a couple of really nice boho ways of using chalk to uplift your hostel kitchen area on Pinterest and would love to share them with you!

How about this one, found on this Brazilian website called Fashionismo.

Chalk Paint Fashionismo

Isn’t that the coolest thing? You could even do a smaller version in every separate dorm/room, depending of course on how much you would would want to provide for your guests.

Another creative example of chalk used in a small kitchen area below, found on this lovely blog My Paradissi. This would look good in the more smaller hostels, where you’re able to host 5-10 people a night. You could choose to write your kitchen rules on the chalk wall or maybe even let your guests share their favourite recipes. You’ll create an international culinary experience within weeks!chalk my paradissi

P.S. The cover image came from this cool decorating blog.

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